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Our policy is to receive your request, and then we will provide you with shipping and handling costs. We accept all major Credit Cards, Money Orders and Wire Transfers.To receive payment instructions, please email us at info@guatemalart.com or call at (305) 396-4943. 50% payment in advance is required. 


We wholesale: Rasta Guatemala, Rasta Reggae, Rasta Handicrafts, Rasta Handmade, Rasta Cap, Rasta Dreadlock, Rasta Hat, Rasta, Rasta Skull Cap, Rasta Beanies, Rasta Tam, Straw Hat, Rasta Crochet, Rasta Natty Dread, Rasta Artisans, Jewelry, Rasta Hacky Sack, Rasta Coin Bag, Rasta Wallet, Rasta Purse, Rasta Bag, Rasta Backpack, Worry Doll, Belt, Craft, Rasta Products, Hemp, Rasta Knitted Hat, Rasta Kufi, Custom Jewelry, Rasta Name Drop Kufi, Rasta Stripe Bag, Rasta Women’s Bag Name Drop, Rasta Wear, Rasta Dreads, Handicraft, Rasta Dreadlock Product, Rasta Dreadlock Hat, Rasta Visor, Rasta Wholesale & Retail, Rasta Name Drop Bag, Women’s Bag, Coin Bag, Earthone, Rainbow, Colors.