Guatemalart, Inc. cares for the communities where we source our products

We believe in investing in Guatemala. Our company is committed to the principles of integrity, responsibility, education and a healthy life.

We support the communities where we operate by setting up sustainable, livelihood-enhancing projects in favor of the artisans who manufacture our products:

-Installations of latrines

-Water filters

-Wood-efficient stoves

-Vegetable gardens

-School supplies, and school meals for young children

Other actions are undertaken with our office workers:

  • University scholarships
  • Sponsorship of sports events with our artisans
  • English classes

We also support the families with a zero-interest finance schemes, credit they use to manufacture our products. Such a lending program, enables them to increase their productivity, without encumbering them with upfront cash requirements to buy raw material.

We believe in of a better community due to economic activity.

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